New Shangqiu-Hefei-Hangzhou Passenger Dedicated Railway Line (Anhui, Zhejiang Section) – Lot 8


Beijing-Fuzhou Passenger Dedicated Railway Line Anhui Co., Ltd.

Cost of works:

€ 0.4 billion

Period of Activity:

2016 - 2018

The new passenger-dedicated High-Speed Railway Line between the cities of Shangqiu (population 9.15 million, Henan Province), Hefei (population 7.86 million, Anhui Province) and Hangzhou (population 9.18 million, Zhejiang Province) has a double ballastless track with a length of 617Km and speed of 350km/h.

— Project Description:

Lot 8 of the Shang-He-Hang high-speed railway line consists of approximately 43km between Hefei and Chaohu and includes n.2 stations, one in Feidong to be expanded and upgraded and a new one in Chaohu. Over 60% of the length is viaducts and bridges and about 30% is subgrades.

The most important structures are the expansion and modernization of the existing Feidong railway station, the 7.782m long super bridge over Hening Railway with a rotation continuous beam over the existing railway line of the main 100m long cantilever span and the 8.098m long Super bridge over the Zhegaohe river and Xiagehe river with a main 100m long cantilever span. Ballastless technology type CRTSIII was used on the whole railway line.

— Description of Services:

General construction supervision for construction contract SHZQ-13 under Supervision SHJL-8 of Zhejiang Section.

Particular attention was given to construction safety and quality control, environment, risk management, progress and costs control. Geodata Engineering S.p.A. also provided training to the supervisors and has assessed work and organization of the supervision team.

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