Water Conveyance System – Beni Haroun


ANB – Agence Nationale de Barrages / Condotte S.p.A.

Cost of works:

€ 128.3 million

Period of Activity:

2004 - 2007

The Government of Algeria launched a development program called “Economic Growth Support Program (PSCE)” to be implemented between 2004 and 2009, which was aimed at providing the country with basic modern infrastructures and make them a prime asset both for attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and for encouraging national investments. The Beni Haroun project in the Wilaya de Mila was part of this development program. According to the most diffuse etymology, the name Mila means in the local languages “land irrigated” and thus it is easy to understand that the Mila region is an area rich of water. One of the Government’s scopes was and still is to manage and value this local and precious gift by nature.

— Project Description:

The Beni Haroun water transfer project consists of a 12km-long pipeline (D=2.4-2.6m) to convey water from two dams, Beni Haroun and Boussiaba, to the reservoir of Oued Athmania. Two 90MW pumps are used to pump water to an elevation of 700m. The system also includes a buffer reservoir, a 5.9km-long Djebel Akhal tunnel, and a station for protection against the water-hammer effect. During construction, Geodata studied alternative solutions where the pipeline traverses-unstable slopes and deep-seated landslides (especially at km4 and at km9). As a result, another 1.5km-long tunnel was proposed to bypass the critical landslide areas in addition to slope consolidation works. The system meets the water needs of the six eastern provinces of Batna, Khenchela, Mila, Oum El Bouagui, Constantine and Jijel. It will transfer 300 million m3/year of potable water for urban use and 204 million m3/year of water for irrigation, reaching thirty thousand hectares of new agricultural zones in Telerghma, Chemoura, and Batna-Ain Touta.

— Description of Services:

Design and construction follow-up of the project; Geological and geotechnical studies of areas with unstable slopes, of the buffer reservoir and of the station for water-hammer effect protection; Preliminary Design of the additional 1.5km-long tunnel with excavation diameter of 4.4m; and specialist assistance, during excavation of the 5.9 km-long Djebel Akhal Tunnel, for accelerating the TBM advancement and for solving the problems associated with crossing of a karstic cavern.

GEODATA fornisce soluzioni sostenibili e ad alto valore aggiunto per progetti in sotterraneo che soddisfano le crescenti esigenze di trasporto e di sviluppo sostenibile.


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