South – North Water Diversion Project – Western Route – Tunnel T4


Yellow River Engineering Consulting Co. Ltd. (YRECC) China

Period of Activity:

2008 - 2008

The South–North Water Transfer is a multi-decade infrastructural project of the People's Republic of China to better use water resources in China. The Western route is also known as the Great Western Diversion (GWD) project, which is a mega, multi-river diversion project, and a fundamental infrastructure for the execution of the Great Western Development strategy of China. The first phase of GWD is composed of several dams and diversion tunnels. Seven dam structures need to be built, and both single tunnel route and twin tunnels routes for an overall length of approximately 510km are required. The 156km-long single tunnel route, connecting the Reba-Duba tributary of the Yalong River and the Dukehe River, is divided into four natural tunnel sections for a cumulative length of 153.6km, where the longest tunnel “T4” is 72.4km.

— Project Description:

T4 has internal finished diameter of 9.5m (over 10.7m excavation diameter) and a maximum overburden of 1150m. Among all the tunnels of the GWD project, T4 is the most challenging one from both the design and the construction points of view. The Tunnel No.4 area is located in the catchments of Daduhe River and Yalongjiang River, where the river is narrow and typical V-shape valleys occur. The T4 alignment passes through Niqu River (tributary of Yalongjiang River), Sequ River and Dukehe River (both tributaries of Daduhe River). The natural runoff of such rivers is mainly from atmospheric precipitation and at the same time replenished by seasonal snow-melt and ice-melt water.

— Description of Services:

Geodata provided an independent evaluation of all the critical aspects for the construction of tunnel T4 being the most challenging one of the route for the geological, geomechanical, and geotechnical aspects.

GEODATA fornisce soluzioni sostenibili e ad alto valore aggiunto per progetti in sotterraneo che soddisfano le crescenti esigenze di trasporto e di sviluppo sostenibile.


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