New Frejus Emergency Road Tunnel


Lot 1 - Owner/Client : SFTRF - Lot 2: SITAF

Cost of works:

€ 408 million

Period of Activity:

2008 - 2019

The Frejus road tunnel is a toll tunnel linking France with Italy. It is located between the town of Modane in France and Bardonecchia in Italy and runs parallel to the Frejus railway tunnel. It constitutes one of the main Alpine crossings between France and Italy. In July 2011 excavation of the second tube was commenced to comply with EU directives for tunnels included in the Ten-T network. The second tube is 12.9km-long (6.5km in France and 6.4km in Italy), and it will enter into service in 2019, making the Frejus tunnel the longest double tube road tunnel in Europe.

— Project Description:

The project involves the construction of a safety tunnel and passageways connecting with the existing road tunnel along which new emergency shelters can be built. The Frejus tunnel is a double-tube tunnel one-way lane in each direction. The construction of civil works was divided into two lots: Lot 1 for the works on the French side, and Lot 2 for the corresponding works on the Italian side. On the Italian side, in autumn 2012 the excavation of the tunnel began with the traditional method, at the end of the inlet works. Based on good progress with TBM on French side it was decided to continue the entire excavation of Lot 1 by the French side. The French TBM has performed entire excavation of the tunnel (excluding the first 650m built in with conventional techniques) without complex disassembly activities in tunnel. The nominal shield diameter is 9.46 meters. It is characterised by a distinctive conical shape to protect against the risk of convergence. The retained average progress rate of excavation is 15 meters per day. The ground is mostly composed of limestone shale which was crushed by disc cutters mounted on the head of the tunnel borer. Tunnel construction was completed on November 2014 and operation is expected for April 2019.

— Description of Services:

Construction Supervision of Lot 1 and Lot 2.

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