Montalbano – Elicona - Messina Gas Pipeline Tunnels


Snam Rete Gas / Strabag – Cogeis - Icop

Cost of works:

€ 35 million

Period of Activity:

2007 - 2011

Snam Rete Gas began worked on the construction of the Bronte-Montalbano Elicona gas pipeline in Sicily in 2009. The project was to transport at greater quantities of natural gas imported from North Africa and connecting the Enna-Bronte pipeline, already operational, with the Montalbano Elicona - Messina tract. Twenty-three kilometres in length and with a nominal diameter of 1200mm (48”), the gas pipeline passes through four municipalities: Bronte and Randazzo in the province of Catania, Floresta and Montalbano Elicona in the province of Messina.

— Project Description:

The tunnel is 1.4km-long and works on its construction began in June 2007. Following completion, the tunnel provided the key to the entry into service of a further section of the 83km Montalbano Elicona-Messina methane pipeline which, once completed, permitted an increase in the volumes of natural gas imported from North Africa. The Poggio Scudeddaro tunnel was drilled using a TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine). In this technique, the tunnel walls are lined with segments in reinforced concrete as the cutter head advances through the subsoil. The shielded cutter head used has a diameter of 3.7m. This technique allowed drilling to progress at a rate of 22m a day. In addition, using a TBM reduced open excavations in an area populated with many species of tree including chestnuts, Holm oak, cork oak, white willow and white poplar. At the ends of the tunnel reforestation will be carried out with plants native to the area, with associated landscaping and ancillary planting to make them blend in with the natural vegetation already present.

— Description of Services:

Tunnel Detailed design.

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