Hydroelectric power plant of Pont Ventoux - Susa


IREN S.p.a.

Cost of works:

€ 192 million

Period of Activity:

1993 - 2003

The new hydroelectric power plant of Pont Ventoux (Susa, Italy) is aimed to provide 27MWH of total power and 200GWh of average annual production.

— Project Description:

The Project consists of: - Plant-river with daily regulation for 150MW total power and an energy production of 457GWh p/y; - Intake structure for a maximum water intake of 33m3/s through six adjustable floodgates, equipped with multistage gravel and sand deposition traps; - Headrace tunnel of 4.09m-dia, 14.1km-long, ending up into a tunnel reservoir (11,20m-dia and 136m-long); - Under pressure headrace tunnel, 4.09m-dia and 4.4km- long, surge tank, and penstock tunnel (from 3.5m-dia to 2.8m-dia and total length of 1,300m; - Val Clarea rock-fill dam for daily water adjustment, 21.35m high and underlining a 563,300m3 reservoir; - Giaglione hydroelectric central power, in cavern, 21m- wide, with a length of 50m and maximum height of 48.1m; 2 vertical axis Francis turbines 17m3/s each.

— Description of Services:

Assistance to the Constructor ASTALDI S.p.A. for Geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological studies for the Executive Project, Constructive Project, geological supervisor during construction and assistance for the claim.

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