Etileno XXI Project


Braskem Idesa Sapi / Technip

Cost of works:

€ 34.8 million

Period of Activity:

2013 - 2014

Etileno XXI, at Coatzacoalcos, State of Veracruz, Mexico, is a large new petrochemical plant under construction. The complex, for the production of ethane-derived products as LDPE and HDPE, operated by Braskem Ideas JV, extends over an undulating area of 200ha, where extensive activities of top-soil removal and earthworks were required for the embankment and platform formation. Currently, it’s by far the biggest investment by a Brazilian company in Mexico, as well as being the largest project financing enterprise in Mexico.

— Project Description:

The site preparation design and the first phase of construction that began in October 2011 have been completed by others. During the tropical cyclonic season (with 3000mm of average rain per year) many site slopes have been collapsed, eroded under the effect of the heavy rains. After that Geodata was asked to rehabilitate those slopes, with a complete new design.

— Description of Services:

Rehabilitation design of slopes and cuts. Critical analysis of the pre-existing project, evaluation of the geological-geotechnical context, design of additional investigation, design of new procedures for the earthworks, for the slope stabilisation (also in term of hydraulic countermeasures), for the muck deposit stabilisation. • Analysis of the site condition, of the previous adopted solutions and of their effectiveness, • Preliminary stability analysis based on the available data with back analysis of the occurred failures, • Updating of the Geotechnical Design with the results from the additional investigation campaign, • Complementary hydraulic design for run-off control, • Application of reinforced re-greening techniques (Prati Armati®), • Site supervision and assistance during construction.

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