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Daza Tunnel along Corridor Vial Rumichaca - Pasto Chachagui Airport


INCO – Inst. Nacional de Concesiones / Consorcio Estudios Téc. – CEI

Cost of works:

USD $ 30.7 million

Period of Activity:

2007 - 2007

The Colombian Ministry of Transport through INCO - Instituto Nacional de Concesiones – is strategically increasing the construction of infrastructures for improving national and international transport conditions within the Colombian territory and accessing the nearby State, Ecuador. The new Daza tunnel will cross the geographic barrier that divides the Quebrada Blanco and Rio Bermudez basins and will reduce the travel time drastically.

— Project Description:

The project "Rumichaca - Pasto - Chacagu - Aeropuerto” involves 53.46km of new roads and 115.5km of refurbishment works. The Daza tunnel runs for about 1.6km under a maximum overburden of about 300m. The Tunnel is bi-directional with a cross-section varying between 10.6m and 12.4m. Each 3.65m-wide lane has niches every 200m in which SOS equipment are installed, together with a stopping place in the middle of the tunnel. The zone in which the project develops is geologically characterized by active volcanoes (Galeras Volcano). Satellite images show the presence of the Galeras Vulcano and anular geoforms in the West part of Paso City, in the area where the Tunnel runs, called the Daza Valley, on Northeast of Poblado, where an antique volcano (currently collapsed) is located. The tunnel will be excavated by means of traditional methods.

— Description of Services:

Technical specialized services for the redaction of the final design for the construction of Daza Tunnel:

  • Geological and geotechnical studies
  • Detail design of the underground works
  • E&M Design
  • Design and follow-up of the geognostical surveys.

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