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 Bogotà-Fucha-Tunjuelo Wastewater Interceptor and complementary works

Bogotà-Fucha-Tunjuelo Wastewater Interceptor and complementary works


Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogotá / Consorcio I.F.T. (CSM Bessac - Soletanche Bachy Cimas - Conconcreto)

Cost of works:

€ 60 million

Period of Activity:

2007 - 2007

The sewage wastewater interceptor will prevent coming from the Centre and South part of the City of Bogotá into the Bogotá, Fucha, and Tunjuelo Rivers improve the life-quality of the 3 million inhabitants living in the Southwest part of the capital city. In fact, this is an area with serious hygienic issues, due to the massive presence of mosquitos and rats attracted by sewer discharge, causing serious problems to residents and affecting health and safety standards dramatically.

— Project Description:

The Bogotà-Fucha-Tunjuelo Wastewater Interceptor is located between the Fucha River and the Tunjuelo River, stretching from East to West; it begins in the future La Maddalena reservoir and runs underground up to the Tunjuelo elevation station. It is 9.4km of length, with a 3.75m diameter, and it runs 15m underground with a 0.05% grade. The interceptor runs parallel to the Cundinamarca canal and the Bogotá River, from the mouth of the Fucha River, to its confluence with the Bogota River in Fontibon, to the confluence of the Tunjuelo River with the Bogota River in Bosa. The interceptor was completed in January 2010 and it is in operation since February 2010.

— Description of Services:

Detailed Design including: • Definition of representative geotechnical scenario for the calculation and the corresponding input data • Geometrical design of lining segments • Design verification under static and seismic conditions, as well as verification of the tunnel under pressure • Segment moulds and joints details design, including connectors and waterproofing, elements for handling, as well as technical specifications for segments casting and storage • Concrete reinforcement drawings • Technical specifications for the concrete mix design related to the prefabrication of the segments.

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