Wastewater Interceptor Tunjuelo-Canoas (ITC), Bogotà

Wastewater Interceptor Tunjuelo-Canoas (ITC), Bogotà


Acueducto, Agua y Alcantarillado de Bogotá / Consorcio CANOAS (Odebrecht CASS)

Cost of works:


Period of Activity:

2010 - 2010

The Wastewater Interceptor Tunjuelo-Canoas in the Tunjuelo-Canoas-Río Bogotá Section is part of the Sanitation Plan of the City of Bogotà to prevent floods and managing wastewater within the river basin of Rio Tunjuelo, which involved the construction of the "Tunjuelo-Canoas Interceptor". The specific scope of this project is to collect the wastewater from an area of almost 29,000ha, where approximately 4.7million inhabitants live, and to bring it towards the future Canoas water treatment plant.

— Project Description:

The development of the wastewater treatment consists in a plant-screening shaft, wastewater pumping shaft and the related interconnecting tunnel. The 2 shafts collect the wastewaters coming from the Fucha, Tintal and Tunjuelo river basins, as well as those from Soacha city. The work consists of a wastewater screening shaft (“Pozo de cribado”) and a wastewater pumping shaft (“Pozo de Succión”), both of them with circular shape and huge size. The shafts are located in South-West of Soacha (close to Bogotá). The initial design envisaged two circular shafts, one of 42m internal diameter and the other of 60m, connected by a 63m-long tunnel. The proposed final design optimized the volumes of the two shafts by combining them into a single, 55m-deep, shaft with 65m internal diameter and 68m external diameter, without changing the hydraulic performance of the system.

— Description of Services:

Detailed Design of the wastewater-screening shaft, wastewater pumping shaft and the related interconnecting tunnel.

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