Annecy Sewage Tunnel


SILA / CSM Bessac

Cost of works:

€ 9.4 million

Period of Activity:

2008 - 2008

The tunnel is part of the wider project promoted by the Annecy Lake Federation SILA (Syndicat Intercommunal du Lac d’Annecy), to implement a sanitation collector for storm water along the left bank of Annecy Lake, between the municipality of Cran-Gevrier and the Avenue de la République in Annecy.

— Project Description:

The tunnel has a length of 1,530m with an internal diameter of 2.28m. The ground consists mainly of morainic (fine sands, silts, clays) or lacustrine deposits. The tunnel cover varies between 2m and 11m (average 9m) and the water table is located at 5m of above the tunnel crown.

— Description of Services:

Detailed Design. In addition, Geodata was also in charge of managing rigorously the works quantities to be realized through establishing realistic geotechnical profile, optimizing the structures, and proper design of reinforcement cages for industrial prefabrication. Service performed: • A technical report justifying the connections between the segments and the between the rings • Technical report on structural verification of the reinforcement • Geometrical design of the segments • Reinforcement drawings • Drawings for assembling the segments, including the details about joints, connection, waterproofing, and elements for segment handling • Construction drawing of segment moulds • Technical specifications of the concrete mix design for casting of segments • Specifications for de-moulding and for segments storage.

GEODATA fornisce soluzioni sostenibili e ad alto valore aggiunto per progetti in sotterraneo che soddisfano le crescenti esigenze di trasporto e di sviluppo sostenibile.


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