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Thessaloniki Submerged Tunnel


Ministry of Environment- General Secretariat of Concession Projects/ Thermaiki Odos JV

Cost of works:

€ 150 million

Period of Activity:

2007 - 2010

The aim of the project was to alleviate the Thessaloniki Historical Centre congested by traffic jam, with a new underground highway, passing below the harbour of Thessaloniki and connecting the west city entrance with the east one. The underground highway was conceived to be a tunnel constructed by a TBM passing 15- 23m below the seabed.

— Project Description:

In the Outline Design of the project, two technical solutions were considered:

  • Solution A, which included the construction of a twin tube road tunnel, with left bore length of 1,980m and right bore length of 2,337m.
  • Solution B, which included the construction of a twin tube road tunnel, with left bore length of 2,568m and right bore length of 2,527m.

In both solutions A and B, TBM entrance and exit shafts were considered, as well as ramps to reach the entrance and exit shafts, with the use of Cut & Cover structures and open U-shaped technical works. Also, in order to provide access to the right branch tunnel from the Stratou Avenue, a 300m long conventionally driven tunnel was considered. The TBM twin road tunnel has an external excavation diameter (TBM diameter) varying between 13.7m and 14.5m, depending on the highway section, the ventilation type, the cross-passages, the TBM tail span and other elements, which were considered.
In the Preliminary Design of the project the following technical works were designed:

  • 1,779.9m-long, single-tube, double-deck tunnel, with an external excavation diameter of 15.9m;
  • Cut & Cover access structures (including the TBM entrance shaft) in the west landward part of the project, with a total length of 950m;
  • Cut & Cover access structures (including the TBM exit shaft) in the east landward part of the project, with a total length of 800m;
  • Access ramps, consisting of open U-shaped technical works, with a total length of 1,000m;
  • Special cross-passages between the upper and the lower deck of the tunnel were provided in order to facilitate the evacuation of each one of the tunnel decks in the case of fire.

— Description of Services:

Feasibility Study and Preliminary Design of the tunnel to be excavated by TBM, including Geological Studies, Geotechnical, Structural, Hydraulic, and E&M Designs.

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