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Sustainable Development of the Matanza-Riachuelo basin: Lot 3 – Riachuelo Sewage Pipe Plant


AySA (Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos S.A.)

Cost of works:

€ 410 million

Period of Activity:

2014 - 2020

The "Project for the Sustainable Development of the Matanza-Riachuelo basin", conceived to recover the Riachuelo River and the surrounding areas from an environmental point of view, is the most ambitious sanitation project in Buenos Aires. The project is divided into several Lots, out of which 3 are interdependent and connected each to the others. Lot 1, the "Riachuelo Left Margin Collector", intercepts both industrial and civil discharged waters and prevent them to enter the Riachuelo River by diverting them towards a pre-treatment system. Lot 2, "the Plant for Water Pretreatment", located on the banks of the Río de la Plata River, on the right of the confluence of the Riachuelo River in the "Dock South" area, is intended to treat wastewaters physically. Lot 3 is "The Riachuelo Sewage Pipe Plant” that collects pretreated water and discharges it into the estuary of the Río de la Plata River at a distance of about 10km from the coast.

— Project Description:

The project of Lot 3 foresees the collection of pretreated wastewater of Riachuelo River (up to 25 m3/s) in a deep shaft of about 40 meters, called "Pozo de Carga". From the shaft, the wastewater is transferred through a tunnel with an inner diameter of approx. 4m and a length of about 11km to a Transitional Shaft outside of the Río de La Plata River. From here the water flows into a 2km-long diffuser channel realized on the bottom of the Río de La Plata River and from where the water flows through a series of openings placed along the diffuser channel.

— Description of Services:

Review and approval of the detailed design; Supervision and construction management; quality control; health and safety coordination during construction; control of environmental protection during construction.

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