Tabriz Metro. Line 2


Imensazan Consultant Engineering Institute

Cost of works:

€ 363 million

Period of Activity:

2008 - 2010

The Line 2 of Tabriz Metro consists of a double-track tunnel with a total length of 21km and 20 underground stations, and 22 shatfs. The line is divided in three parts: the western extension (from the depot to the station A2-1) with a length of approx. 1900m, the central main stretch of approx.12.5km, and the eastern extension of approx. 6.5km.

— Project Description:

Given the complex geology of the route, the choice of the construction method played a crucial role. For this purpose, a comparative analysis was made to determine the most suitable excavation technique for each part of the line, taking into account the estimated construction time, costs and the reliability of such estimates. The design of the underground metro had to take into account the excavation interference - both underground and on the surface - with utilities and buildings, in order to minimize the excavation-induced inconveniences. The mechanized tunnelling was recognized as the best solution. The finished internal diameter of the running tunnels is 8.3m and is lined with precast segmental lining of the universal type.

— Description of Services:

Conceptual and Detailed Design for construction for the main tunnel and the shafts; Geotechnical and geomechanical characterization of the ground; tunnel and tunnel face stability analysis; settlement prediction and assessment of the corresponding effects; Geotechnical and structural design of the access, exits and ventilation shafts; Technical advice for the selection of the right type of TBM with possibility to apply adequate face-support pressures. Final design of pre-cast segment lining and protection works and of the Cut&Cover sections; Design of measures for protection of those buildings and utilities at risk.

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