Gas pipeline Caraguatatube – Taubatè Gastau tunnel • Brazil

The Petrobras gas pipeline Taurabate - Caraguatatuba will link the gas field at sea level to the Paraíba Valley, a very economically vibrate region with an altitude of 700m at the San Paolo region. The production is aprox 15M m 3 /day of gas. The pipeline passes through the National Park Serra do Mar and to avoid any environmental impact Gastau tunnel was proposed. Gastau Tunnel was built using a Double shield TBM for hard rock for the first time in Brazil. The Tunnel has received the "ASME Global Pipeline Award" for the "Best Innovative Technology for the World ́s Pipeline Industry".

Owner/Client:   Petrobras / Schahin Group
Cost of works:   € 76 million
Period of Activity:   2008 - 2011
Project Description:  

Gastau tunnel is 5.05km-long and 6.19m diameter. The first stretch, 210m-long starting from the portal has used a drill and blast method and the second stretch, 4840m-long, used a double shield TBM. More then 80% of the tunnel length runs through gnessic and granite formation (the so-called Pico do Papagaio complex), while at the portal, the excavation was in loose materials (weathered rock and residual soil).
The tunnel will host initially one pipeline (28” in diameter) for conveying gas through the mountain; future, it may host some additional supply lines (for a maximum of 3) with similar diameter, according to the extraction level and national demand of natural gas in Brazil.

Description of Services:  

Design of the mechanized tunnelling solution, including dimensioning of the precast segmental lining. Follow-up on site of the mechanized excavation, by analysing continuously the TBM performance  parameters through the implementation of PAT (Protocol of Advance of Tunnel) with definition of risks, counter measures and corresponding mechanisms of activation.