JULY 2016

AUSTRALIA – World class shortlist for the A$5.5 billion Melbourne Western Distributor. GEODATA will deliver the Tunnel Tender Design.

World Class Shortlist For Vital Second River Crossing

JUNE 2016

BOLIVIA – The feasibility study of the El Bala hydroelectric cascade in Beni river, in Bolivia has been delivered. The study is performed by Geodata on behalf of the Bolivian power company Ende. El Estudio de Identificación de la cascada hidroeléctrica El Bala en el río Beni, en Bolivia ha sido entregada. El estudio es realizado por Geodata en nombre de la compañía eléctrica boliviana Ende.

ARGENTINE – "Sewage Pipe Plant. Matanza - Riachuelo Basin, Buenos Aires" Institutional video of the Secretary of Public Works, the start of the first micro TBM of Lot 1, related to the Complementary Works 2 in Villa Lugano. "Planta de Saneamiento de Aguas Residuales. Cuenca Matanza - Riachuelo, Buenos Aires" Comienzo de las obras en la Cuenca Matanza - Riachuelo con el lanzamiento de la primera microtuneladora del Lote 1, en la puesta en marcha correspondiente a las Obras Complementarias 2, en Villa Lugano. Obras que beneficiarán a 6,5 millones de personas, promovidas por la Secretaría de Obras Públicas.


INDIA – Geodata, together with its international and local partners, was awarded the contract for General Consultancy Services for design, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning of the complete Lucknow Metro Rail Project North-South Corridor (Phase-1A). North-South corridor of Lucknow Metro Rail Project starts from CCS airport and ends at Munshi Pulia. Overall length of corridors is 22.878 km out of which 19.438 km is elevated and remaining 3.44 km is underground.

CHINA – Geodata, together with its Chinese partner, has been awarded the contract for the Construction Supervision of Lot 8 of the new high-speed railway line called “Beijing to Shenyang Passenger Railway Line (Beijing Section)”. The approximate 10km-long project develops in the metropolitan area of Beijing and it includes two tunnels (3.84km and 4.16km-long respectively), which will be excavated by means of shield-TBM.


CHINA – Geodata together with its Chinese partner has been awarded the contract for Construction Supervision of Lot 8 of the so-called "Shang-He-Hang Railway Line". This new high-speed railway line, starting from Shangqiu in the north in Henan province, passing through Haozhou, Fuyang, Huainan, Hefei, Wuhu, Xuancheng, entering Zhejiang province by Huzhou, and reaching its final destination of Hangzhou Railway, is approximately 795 km, of which 618 km is new construction, which is divided in 11 Lots for construction and supervision. The target design speed of this line is 350 km/h, with a minimum headway of 3 minutes and all trains of the EMU type. The implementation of this line will take 5 years.

CHILE – Geodata has been appointed by EFE (Empresa Ferrocarril del Estado) to develop the Final and Detailed Design and Construction Supervision for the comprehensive upgrading of the Santiago–Batuco railway segment. The project length is 26km from Quinta Normal metro station to Batuco Station. In addition, Geodata will carry out the conceptual designs for two extension projects to Chicureo and Til Til.


ECUADOR – Geodata back to cooperate with EPMAP (Empresa Publica de Agua Potable de Quito) for the design of the 40km power line between Paluguillo and Bellavista. This is the most important Project for water supply in Quito and it includes the Feasibility Study and Final design of the aqueduct, considering various alternatives for alignement and distribution.


INDIA – Geodata has been awarded a prestigious contract with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH) for the Development of the MCA (Model Concession Agreement) and Enabling Framework for Tunneling Projects.


PAKISTAN – Geodata, together with the local partner, was awarded the contract for the Feasibility Study for New Rail Link between Peshawar and Jalalabad.

JULY 2015

ITALY – Geodata was awarded the Construction Supervision of the Catania Metro Line – Section Nesima-Misterbianco Center.

JUNE 2015

BOLIVIA – Ende (Empresa Nacional de Electricidad ) and Geodata signed a contract to design the 1600-3000MW El Bala Hydroelectric Project. El Bala will be one of the largest HPP project in the world and it would use waters from the Beni River which crosses the department of La Paz. The studies will determine if it is feasible to build only one large facility or a series of smaller ones. The project, together with other hydroelectric projects located in the department of Cochabamba, belongs to the Government’s plan to export surplus electricity.

MAY 2015

NEPAL – Geodata was awarded the Construction Supervision of the 12km-long headrace tunnel of the Bheri Babai Multipurpose Project. The project plans to transfer water to irrigate 60,000Ha farmland in Bardiya and Banke regions and supply 480GWH electricity per annum, involving the supply and construction of a 12km water tunnel. This project is a mile-stone for the country: in fact, for the first time a TBM will be used in Nepal. Geodata is proud to be directly involved in the project and to contribute to this page of tunnelling history in Nepal.

APRIL 2015

AUSTRALIA – Geodata is part of the design team of one of the three shortlisted firms for the Forrestfield-Airport Railway Link in Perth. The 8.5km-long project will connect the Midland line to Forrestfield, running underground in twin bored tunnels underneath the Swan River, Tonkin Highway and Perth International Airport.

SRI LANKA – Geodata was awarded the Design Review and preparation of Bidding Documents for the Design and Build Contracts of the Proposed New Mutwal and Torrington Tunnels of Colombo for flood and drainage mitigation purposes.

MARCH 2015

CHILE – Geodata has been appointed by EFE (Empresa de los Ferrocarriles del Estado – National Railway Company) for the development of 2 railway pre-feasibility projects. The first one is a 8 freight-dedicated lines in the surrounding area of Santiago, including the connection to the Bioceanic Corridor Aconcagua already designed by Geodata. The second one is the speeding-up of the railway line linking the cities of Santiago and Concepción for a total of approx. 500km of length, out of which 400km already existing.


IRAN – Geodata was awarded the Detailed Design and Engineering Services for the Main Eastern and Western Tubes of Alborz Tunnels (over 6km of length), and their connection to the Existing Karaj-Chalous Road.


CANADA – Geodata established a branch in Toronto and appointed Ben Cottrell as Managing Director.


CANADA – Geodata acquired the contract for the development of the Feasibility study for a downtown Ottawa Truck Tunnel linking the Macdonald-Cartier Bridge and Highway 417/Nicholas Street. The main objective of the project would be to remove heavy vehicles from the downtown surface road network to allow a long sought transformation of the nearby community to restore it to one that is more livable and safe.


CANADA – The Delcan-Geodata Joint Venture has been appointed by the Regional Municipality of York for the Detailed Design, Contract Administration and Site Inspection Services for the West Vaughan Sewage located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario. The linear assets associated with this project and the pumping station structure shall have a design life of 100 years.


PERU – Geodata acquired the contract for the Basic and Detailed Design of the 2km-long tunnel bypassing the landslide at Km240 of the Interoceanic road which connects Peru and Brazil.


MONTENEGRO – The JV with Geodata was awarded the Construction Supervision of the Bar-Boljare Highway, section Somokovac-Uvač–Mateševo for a total length of approximately 41 km.


ARGENTINA – Geodata started to work on the Matanza-Riachuelo Wastewater Collector Tunnel in Buenos Aires. Geodata was appointed by Agua y Saneamientos Argentinos S.A. (AySA) for the construction supervision of Lot 1 and Lot 3. The project includes the collection of wastewater with two major collectors throughout the Matanza-Riachuelo basin to the Riachuelo plant and via a 40m deep shaft and the 11km-long tunnel under the Rio de la Plata river towards a diffuser that will be built on the bottom of the river. The objective is the environmental cleanup of the Riachuelo River and the land crossed by the river, considered one of most polluted areas in the world.

JULY 2014

ECUADOR – Geodata signed the Pre-Feasibility Study, Feasibility Study, and Final Design of the Olmedo Multipurpose Project in the Province of Manabí. The objective of the assignment is to analyze the technical, economic, environmental, and social feasibility of a multipurpose project for water supply for both irrigation and human consumption purposes as well as for flood control.

JUNE 2014

CHILE – Geodata acquired the segments design revision of the 10km headrace tunnel of the 150MW Los Condores Hydroelectric Project, located 270km far from Santiago.

MAY 2014

BRAZIL – While the World Cup is at the doors, the WTC2014 is held at the Iguassu Falls. The World Tunneling Congress is the occasion to visit the impressive site works of São Paulo Metro - Line 5 designed by Geodata.

APRIL 2014

PERU – The consortium of contractors named Nuevo Metro de Lima won the concession for the construction, operation and maintenance of Line 2 and a section of Line 4 of the Lima Metro for 35 years. For this project Geodata developed the feasibility study, which was awarded for Best Design of the year 2013 and Best Project Financing of the year 2013, in the occasion of the 11th Latin American Leadership Forum on Infrastructure held in Mexico City in 2013.

MARCH 2014

SINGAPORE – Geodata opens a branch in Singapore.


TURKEY – Geodata was awarded the Final Design Services for the Kirazli-Halkali Railway System Lines in Istanbul. The project consists of designing 7.5km of underground metro line, 2.5km of viaduct, and 9 metro stations in the European side of Istanbul for the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM).


AUSTRALIA – Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) appointed Geodata as Technical Advisor for the Project Definition Design (Stage 2A) on the Northern Sydney Freight Corridor linking Sydney to Newcastle.

COLOMBIA – Geodata acquired the project for the Upgrade and Optimization of the Detailed Design for the construction of the road, bridges, and viaducts located in the Eastern and Western Sectors of the “Tunel Aburra Oriente” road connection in Medellin.


TURKEY – Geodata opens a branch in the city of Ankara.


INDIA – GMR Bajoli Holi Hydro Power Private Limited, owner of the 180MW Bajoli Holi Hydroelectric Project, has appointed GEODATA as owner’s engineer for the implementation of the hydroelectric project. The project is located on Ravi River in Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh and it is being targeted to be implemented on a fast-track mode, for being ready by the
end of 2017.

ALGERIA – GEODATA is working for the RN77 Highway Project connecting Djen Djen to the East-West Highway. The project consists of the realization of a 110km-long highway linking the port cities of Djen Djen and El Eulma with the East-West Highway crossing the Tell Mountain’s Chain (Northern Algeria).


TURKEY – The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) entrusted GEODATA for the Preliminary and Final Design of the Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Light Railway System and for the Final Design of the Dudullu-Bostanci Light Railway System in Istanbul. The Ümraniye-Ataşehir-Göztepe Line is 12.5km-long and includes 9 stations; while the Dudullu-Bostanci Line is 12.9km-long and includes 11 stations. Both all underground  lines have one Depot in common, which will also serve the Uskudar-Cekekoy line actually under construction.

RUSSIA – GEODATA Signed a contract as subcontractor of the Moscow Design Institute ’’OAO Mosghiprotrans’’, one of the most important and old Russian Design Institute for the conceptual design of ‘’Volskaya’’ metro Station intermodal node (TPU). This TPU, under the auspices of Moscow Metro, is a part of a large project developed to renovate the transport system connectivity with the Moscow metro Stations.


CHILE – Geodata achieves the second contract for the Alto Maipo project. This new contract completes our involvement with the detailed design of the Surface Works of the higher part of the project. Alto Maipo Project concerns the design and building of 2 run-of-the-river hydropower plants located in the central part of Chile. The two hydropower plants, called Alfalfal II and Las Lajas, will generate energy using water of the El Volcán, El Yeso and El Colorado Rivers, finally discharging in the Maipo River. The capacity of the Alfalfal II and Las Lajas plants are 264MW and 267MW respectively.
Geodata is working in the Alto Maipo Project for two of the major European Contractors.

ECUADOR – Geodata has achieved the contract for the Development of a drinking water and sewage system master plan for the district of Rumiñahui, near Quito. The master plan involves the analysis of future drinking water supply resources and the treatment of dirty waters.


PERU – Proinversión has extended the contract to GEODATA for the realization of additional services on the project of Lima Metro – Line 2. The new assignment refers to topographical studies, surveys, tests (both in situ and in laboratory), and engineering studies in order to guarantee the operation of part of the line by 2016.

CANADA – The brand new Delcan Geodata JV gives its first fruits with the acquisition of two Canadian assignments. For the first one, Delcan-Geodata JV is appointed by Pacific Northwest LNG to work on the Prince Rupert Gas Transmission Project (PRGT) in British Columbia. The project involves the construction of approximately 760km of pipeline and Delcan- Geodata JV is involved in the development of the preliminary design of tunnels along the alignment, considering all the possible alternatives in terms of location, geometrical section type and excavation method. With reference to the second acquisition, Universal Pegasus International awards the Feasibility Study of the Burnaby Tunnel to Delcan-Geodata. The tunnel is part of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project hold by Kinder-Morgan, the largest midstream and the third largest energy company in North America.

CHILE – Geodata is selected by the Australian EnergiAustral for the technical and financial assessment related to the adoption of the TBM method of excavation for the headrace and discharge tunnels of the 640MW El Cuervo Hydroelectric Power Plant. The project is located in the Region of Aysén.

RUSSIA – Geodata signed the contract with OAO USKMOST for the Working Documentation related to stage 1 of Moscow Metro Line Kozhukhovskaya from Station ‘’Nekrasovka’’ to Station ‘’Kossino’’ including the connection with ‘’Rudnevo’’ deposit and the connection with the existing line Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya.  Kozhukhovskaya Line (Кожуховская линия) is the rapid transit line planned by the Moscow Metro company that will be opened in 2016.

JULY 2013

ENR Ranking – The GEODATA 127ª international design firm and first italian.

The Top 225 International Design Firms 201 (pdf 2,81 MB)

The Top 225 International Design Firms 2013

The Top 225 International Design Firms: Developing World on the Rise

JUNE 2013

Peru – The Line 2 of Lima Metro was awarded for the Best Design and Best Project Financing of the year 2013 in the occasion of the 11th Latin American Leadership Forum on Infrastructure, held in Mexico City from 3 to 5 June 2013.
The Lima Metro Line 2, which will link Ate to Callao by means of an underground tunnel of 35 Km and which will have an extension towards the International Airport Jorge Chavez, will benefit about 2.5 million people.

CANADA – GEODATA starts a pretty new cooperation with the Canadian Consultancy Company Delcan, specialized in infrastructure since 1953. The JV aims to merge GEODATA ‘s expertise in tunneling and underground works, and DELCAN’s engineering leadership in Canada and North America to undertake a comprehensive suite of services for the development, design and management of infrastructure projects. The  Delcan-Geodata JV  has been formally announced during the RETC - Rapid Excavation & Tunneling Conference & Exhibit – in Washington  (June 23-26,  2013).

CALIFORNIA – As of June 1, 2013 Transmetrics Inc collaborates with GEODATA in the State of California. This collaboration is not new; in fact, in 2002-2005 GEODATA worked with Transmetrics  for the feasibility study and risk assessment of 2 alternative alignments for Section Silmar-Bakersfield of the California High Speed Railway Project . The alternative alignment proposed by Geodata trough the Antelope Valley was selected as the final alignment in 2012. This fresh partnership had an immediate echo on specialized media.

RUSSIA (S.PETERSBURG) - LINE 5 – Geodata was selected to perform the Engineering Services related to Preparation of the “Technological Regulation for tunnel excavation using the TBM EPB 10620’’ for the construction of the double track single bore tunnel between the stations Yuzhnaya and   Prospekt  Slavy of the St. Petersburg Metro line 5. Geodata is also on duty of the specialized follow-up during the excavation.

BRAZIL – Geodata in association with Italian Railways company is the best bidder for the 550km high speed railway Rio de Janeiro - San Paolo – Campinas Project. Unfortunately the bid will be canceled in September.

APRIL 2013

KURDISTAN – Geodata opens a branch in Erbil.

SINGAPORE – Geodata is appointed as engineering design subconsultant on the Architectural and Engineering Design for the proposed Eastern Regional Line (ERL) – Contract E1001 - of the Metro of Singapore. The overall project is owned by major public client Land Transport Authority (LTA). The project includes one underground depot.

MOSCOW – Geodata was appointed for the design and supervision of the Moscow Metro - Kozhukhovskaya line - stage 1 - from station ''Nekrasovka'' to station ''Kossino'', including the connection with ''Rudnevo'' depot.

MARCH 2013

INDIA – Geodata was awarded the design of alignment and conducting final location survey for proposed electrified 3rd Broad Gauge line between Barkhera to Budni for a total length of 33Km. This line will connect at existing Barkhera and Budni stations on Bhopal- Itarsi Section of Bhopal Division and its main purpose is to allow the trains running at a speed of 160Kmph.

DENMARK – Metroselskabet of Copenhagen has appointed Geodata as consultant for providing advice and assistance in the review of the technical concepts and design at Kongens Nytorv Shallow tunnelling in connection with the establishment of Cityringen Metro.


ECUADOR – Ingeconsult has been charged by the Provincial Government of Tungurahua to develop the designs of a dam with a capability of 2 million of cubic meters and a water distribution channel for the Chiquicagua irrigation system.

KURDISTAN – Geodata Engineering S.p.A., together with an Iraqi Company, was awarded the design and construction of the Shewashok Dam by the General Directorate of Dams and Reservoirs of Erbil (GDDRE) . Shawashok dam is a zoned-earth dam of 25m of height for irrigation purpose.


INDIA – The Indian Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) awarded to the JV, composed by Geodata and an Indian Consultant, the contract for the Detailed Design and Construction Supervision of Tunnel 7, 10, 11 & 12 with total length of 6.400km (approx.) in connection with Lumding-Silchar gauge conversion project in the State of Assam.

USA – A subsidiary of Geodata is open in USA, named Geodata USA Inc. The office is located in 10960 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 700, Los Angeles, CA 90024.


Chile – Santiago. Alto Maipo hydroelectric power station.
GEODATA has acquired the project design and construction supervision for lots 630 and 620 for the tunnels and the civil works of the Alto Maipo hydroelectric power station. The assignment includes the detailed design of underground and civil works of two hydroelectric plants, Alfalfal II and Las Lajas, whose hydroelectric power houses will be in cave, with tunnels and shaft for a total length of 46.5 km, excavated with both drill&blast and TBM technologies. The excavation will be carried out with 50% of TBM as the progress with this technique is higher than the drill&blast. The use of TBM allows the commissioning in just 4 and a half years, starting from November 2012. The Alto Maipo power station is located 50 km south-east of Santiago, in the upper basin of the Maipo River, near the border of Argentina, in the Andes, in an extremely adverse environment, among 6,000 m high peaks.

Italy – Torino. New offices in Corso Bolzano.
The new GEODATA offices are located in the "Center-linear city" of Turin, in front of the new Porta Susa Railway Station and along the Metro designed by GEODATA. The building is dated back to XIX century and has Antonelli’s architectural influences. In 1906, one of the first reinforced concrete structures in Turin was realized in this building and it is now ward of the Government Department for Historical and Architectural Buildings. Today it can host over 200 work seats in an exceptional environment, fully restored according to the most advanced criteria and concepts of work’s ergonomics. The three floors have been doubled by using metal lofts and a seventh level will be added to the 6 already existing. From a functional point of view, the offices have been systematically designed as an open space and are divided into operational areas, rooms for meetings and spaces for relax and informal discussion. Given the complexity of the areas, the spaces have been distinguished with different colors. The three primary colors of the metal lofts identify the three floors: blue color, symbolic of GEODATA, for the ground floor; the red color for the first floor and the yellow for illuminating the basement. The 3 primary colors are associated with their complementary on the walls (orange, green and violet). The offices are equipped with the most advanced technology: ultra broadband, office automation, biometric recognition, LED lighting, separate waste collection system, air conditioning system with total heat recovery and continuous air renewal.


Ecuador – Delsitanisagua Hydroelectric Power Plant.
GEODATA and Ingeconsult, in association with the companies Artelia Ville et Transport and Adeplan, have been awarded the contract for the work supervision of Delsitanisagua Hydroelectric Power Plant (116MW), for a value of $ 14.5M. Delsitanisagua is a hydroelectric power plant that will use the water of Delsi, Tanisagua and Zamora Rivers and will be connected to the National Transmission System with a 36 km long transmission line and 138kW dual circuit capacity.

Colombia – Seminario and Santa Elena Tunnels
GEODATA will realize the hydro-geological studies of Seminario and Santa Elena tunnels that integrate the Aburrá - Oriente road link in the district of Antioquia, under the jurisdiction of the cities of Medellin, Envigado and Rionegro. The work will connect the city of Medellín to the José María Córdoba International Airport by means of two road tunnels of 8km and 0.4 km length, but it is currently suspended by the Colombian authorities responsible for environmental licenses (ANLA). The authorities are waiting for the development of GEODATA’s complementary studies, which will enable them to have a better knowledge of the possible effects that the tunnels construction might cause to the environment, in particular to groundwater. GEODATA, specialized in hyrogeological studies, was entrusted with the task of assessing these issues and suggesting appropriate solutions.


Italy – Line 1 of the Turin Automatic Metro.
GEODATA, in joint venture with local companies, was awarded the coordination of health and safety services for the Lingotto-Bengasi section of Line 1 of Turin Automatic Metro, as well as complementary services. The Lingotto-Bengasi section is 1.9 km long and includes the construction of two stations called "Italy 61" and "Bengasi", 2 ventilation shafts (PB1 and PB2), a terminal shaft and a junction to connect the future Metro station to the homonymous Lingotto Railway Station. The double-track tunnel will be fully excavated by TBM.
Works started in the summer 2012 and their completion is expected in 2015.

France – Principality of Monaco - 3rd Poste Source.
GEODATA signed the contract for the design of the "3éme Poste Source" in Monaco. The city of Monaco has a growing need for electricity and the two existing substations no longer meet the electricity demand. For this reason it was necessary to realize a third electrical substation (3éme Poste Source). Because of the lack of open air space in the municipality, the realization of an underground work was decided. The infrastructure will consist of a set of new tunnels and of an adaptation of some existing disused railway tunnels. The new tunnels will pass through limestone formations; the urban interaction with the existent crowded tunnel system and the high value buildings on surface will be critical.

Ecuador – The Company Hidrovictoria SA, the contractor of the Victoria
Hydroelectric Project in Ecuador, assigned to Ingeconsult the consultancy for the new design of civil works related to the Victoria Hydroelectric Project. The total project cost amounts to $ 19 million and it includes funding from the State Bank for $ 14.5 million, and $ 4.5 million from Empresa Electrica Quito.
The project is located 17 km far from Papallacta. GEODATA is involved in the development of geomechanical and structural designs of the tunnel and of the penstock. The plant has 10 MW of installed power and will be ready in 2013.


Brazil – Detailed design of Charitas-Cafuba double-tube tunnel.
In the department of Rio de Janeiro GEODATA Brazil was entrusted with the detailed design and technical assistance during the construction of the 1.3 km long Charitas-Cafuba double-tube tunnel. The first tunnel will be operative after 2 years since the beginning of works, while the second after 3 years. It will become an alternative connection between the southern area of Niteroi and the coastal region, which is the fastest growing area of the city.
The project is financed by EMUSA (Empresa Municipal de Moradia, Urbanização and Saneamento) and includes the construction, commissioning and maintenance of the tunnel for 35 years and was acquired by the Joint Venture composed by José Cartellone, Empo and Tucumann. The scope of work of GEODATA includes the preliminary design, optimization of costs and time, tunnel risk analysis, impact assessment with the existing infrastructure, toll gate facilities, as well as E&M and installations. The two tunnels are expected to come into operation respectively 24 and 36 months after the start of contruction works.


India – New railway link between Rishikesh and Karanprayag.
GEODATA India was entrusted by Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL) for the development of the new 125 km railway link between Rishikesh and Karanprayag in the state of Uttarakhan, which will be of Broad Gauge type, with 12 stations, 81 tunnels and a 65 m high bridge. The connection will allow people living in the state of Uttarakhand to reduce the about 8 hours car travel currently required to reach the cities of Rishikesh and Karanprayag to few hours by train.

JULY 2012

Peru – Design of Line 2 of Metro Lima.
GEODATA was awarded the "Integral Design of Line 2 for the Basic Network of Metro Lima”. The proposal was submitted by a Joint Venture led by GEODATA Engineering. The project, due to its importance, had an immediate and worldwide resonance on specialized, both on and off-line, press.

JUNE 2012

Russia – St. Petersburg Metro, the excavation in Spasskaya was completed.
On June 2, an EPB TBM completed the excavation and construction of the 30 degrees inclined access tunnel that connects Spasskaya station of Line 5 to the future surface entrance. This difficult work was completed in two months, a month before the scheduled conclusion. GEODATA was previously involved in the elaboration of technical regulation for TBM excavation and was afterwards in charge of implementing the GDMS system, as well as the follow-up during construction phases.

MAY 2012

Australia – Verification of the project for the segmental lining of the tunnel on Brisbane Legacy Way.
GEODATA was charged to check the design of the segmental lining and to control the share test of segments of the tunnel along the legacy way, Brisbane.

APRIL 2012

China – Design and assistance during construction for the realization of the Main Line Tunnel for the Yandahiuang Water Transfert Project.
SEA Consulting, in collaboration with GEODATA Engineering, will design and supervise the construction of the Main Line Tunnel of the Yandahiuang Water Transfert Project. The project involves the excavation of a 14 km tunnel by 2 TBMs (5.9 m excavation diameter) and the realization of 3 underground areas for TBM assembling and dismantling.

MARCH 2012

Chile – Access Tunnel to the "Nuevo Nivel" in "El Teniente" mine, the largest underground copper mine in the world.
GEODATA was awarded a contract for technical supervision of the construction of two access tunnels to the “Nuevo Nivel Mina”, for a total length of 9 km each. The work was commissioned to GEODATA by Codelco, one of the major copper producers in the world.


Russia – Sochi Olympics: last breakthrough.
On February 15th the excavation of the road tunnel n. 2 pertaining to the combined road-rail system, which will be the new transportation system infrastructure for the Olympic Games in Sochi 2014, was completed. Thanks to this breakthrough, excavated by a 13.20 m diameter TBM, the completion of all tunnels that GEODATA has designed and supervised is now completed.

India – Further advance of activities of GEODATA in India: 20 km of new tunnels in Delhi and Kashmir.
In India GEODATA was appointed for the final design of a lot of Delhi Metro (total length of 2.1km, including an underground station) and for the design and construction supervision of 4 tunnels of the Konkan Railway, for a total of 17 km of tunnels in the Jammu and Kashmir region.


Peru – A new subsidiary of GEODATA Engineering was opened in Lima

Ecuador – Victoria Hydroelectric Project.
INGECONSULT acquired the contract for the construction supervision of civil works and E&M for the Victoria Hydroelectric Project (10 MW) in Ecuador. 19 months of work are scheduled.